Better designs for work, life and planet.

We’re named after where we come from: a small strip of land a few metres below sea-level on the Dutch polder. But our name is about more than the need to live more sustainably with nature. It’s a reminder of the power of community to overcome our biggest collective challenges. 
For hundreds of years, families around here have kept the sea at bay by working together. 

Collaboration is in our DNA. And we think the world can use more of it. We were raised on the sort of pragmatic ingenuity that doesn’t let a huge vision stop you from being down to earth. We’re here to make the world a more liveable, more sustainable place. Not through a crusade. But by working together - with you.

our story
Bloom outdoor lounge chair - Banne

Our story

Banne was founded in 2020 by Arjen Lubbes. We’re the newest member of the Zuiver Group family, and the first to be geared towards the contract market. Our core mission is to help professionals make sustainable design work at scale.

Arjen Lubbes - Banne founder The Dutch polder

We launched with six product families, each one a quest to improve the sustainability of design products over their entire lifespan – from manufacture to usage to disposal – without restricting our clients’ creative vision.

The Dutch polder Waterfall armchair - Banne

Our mission

At Banne we want to create a more liveable world by helping sustainable design succeed at professional scale.

Our flexibility

We believe in working closely with our clients - and each of our design ‘families’ offers countless creative options.

Our perspective

Everything we make and do is about the long term. We think things through before we act.

The best designs are always about more than just design
The best designs are always about more than just design Designer Peter van de Water in the Dutch polder
Our designers

Real change takes real collaboration. Our designers aren’t activists. They’re problem-solvers. They live to make things that make a difference. Together we make sustainability part of the process, starting from the drawing board.

Meet our designers