Waterfall chair - Banne
Waterfall chair - Banne
Waterfall chair - Banne
Waterfall chair - Banne
  • Waterfall chair - Banne
  • Waterfall chair - Banne
  • Waterfall chair - Banne
  • Waterfall chair - Banne

Waterfall chair

Lex Pott

A chair that starts from the back – with a forward-thinking approach to its material footprint over its lifespan. 

Available with or without arm, back and seat in natural or black

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Bended and welded tube frame, powdercoated

Quality marks

Certified or not, we always pick the best materials for our products: non-toxic, long-lasting and high-quality


Steel, wood


Europe / Bulgaria

Product information

The Waterfall is created from an ingenious three-tube steel frame construction. The black, powder-coated frame is bent and welded to take a lifetime of abuse with grace and style. 

Its timeless style – it gets its name from the elegantly reversed seat that recalls the crest of a waterfall - means it will not date, thus increasing its usable life. Furthermore, each Waterfall can be easily taken apart: by replacing individual parts instead of the whole chair, we can reduce its overall material footprint. This also makes components easier to separate at the end of the chair’s life.  

Waterfall chair - options


Available with and without arms, in a choice of finishes.

Waterfall chair - timeless design


The reversed seat brings to mind the crest of a waterfall, as the bended tubes flow around it. 

Waterfall chair - reduced footprint

Reduced footprint

Individual parts can be replaced over time, rather than whole chairs.

Waterfall chair - Banne Designed and built for the long term
Waterfall chair - Banne Ergonomic design
Waterfall chair - Banne Available in black and oak


Waterfall chair measurements

Meet the designer

Lex Pott - designer Banne
Lex Pott

Lex’s method is raw and intuitive. He doesn’t try to disguise his ideas behind cosmetic layers. Instead, he trusts in his materials - wood, stone and metal - to reduce things to their essence. 

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